I first came to Eleth in 1995; when I came to her, my hair was in a very bad condition. I had three different haircuts, same style, damaged with untreated ends, and no texture. Ms. Eleth assessed the situation, and I started all over again. Eleth worked her magic, and I have referred her to many others.
I've been a client of Eleth's since I moved to Tampa in 2000 to attend USF. As a native Miami resident, I was reluctant about getting my hair done in Tampa. After about four months of doing my own hair and traveling back and forth home to get my hair done, I was fed up. Eleth came highly recommended by a former college friend of my cousin. Once Eleth started doing my hair, I never looked back. She has kept my hair looking healthy, glamorous, and picture-perfect for more than 10 years! I love coming to Eleth's Beauty Palace not just to look good, but to feel good. When I come to Eleth's, I leave feeling spiritually cleansed, rejuvenated, and motivated to fulfill God's purpose for my life. There is no one else in the Tampa Bay area or the Miami area that I would want servicing my hair care needs... Eleth is AWESOME!
Chantel Styles
When it comes to hair care, you would like to say that you trust the person providing the service. When I moved to Tampa, FL, from Brooklyn, NY, in 2006, I was terrified at the idea of having another person styling my hair. My last beautician had been servicing my hair care needs since I was in junior high school, so the thought of choosing another beautician was horrifying. I tried to style my hair several times but over the months of over processing, cutting and relaxing, it started falling out. I was referred to Eleth by a friend of mine who insisted that she was the best. On my first hair appointment, Eleth made me feel like I was a regular client. She greeted me with a warm smile and styled my hair to perfection. I was very impressed with all of the longevity of the clients that she serves. She is a true blessing with a big heart and a warm smile. I am always happy with the service that she provides and would recommend her to anyone with major hair problems because she has growing hands.
I have been going to Eleth since 2007. In all the years that I have been receiving services, Eleth has been gracious, prompt, fair, current in her profession and very professional. Additionally, I have enjoyed sharing with her about the Word. She is very knowledgeable about the Word and her conversations shows that she applies the Word practically. She has given me relaxers, cuts and weaves, all have been done to my liking! I would recommend Eleth Beauty Palace to all I come into contact with. God bless!
Sandra Davis
My name is Tanya Brooks, and I have been a client of Eleth's for 14 years now. Eleth is not only my hairstylist, but she is a friend aka “mummy.” I have enjoyed every year that I have spent with you. You have truly been an encourager, and I thank God that you have realized that this is your ministry/calling. Thanks for the times that you have prayed over my hair not to mention the great care that you give it. Love you and can't wait to see the next level that God is getting to take you to.
Tanya Brooks
Dear Ms. Eleth, You have been quite an inspiration to me over the years. I began coming to you to receive hair services over ten years ago and not once have I been disappointed. I would walk in and would be in serious need of some "light" or a new style and you delivered each and every time. I could call at the last minute and you would find a way to fit me in and work your magic. Your professionalism, charm, style, charisma and Christian walk have been tremendous over the years. Although you are a wonderful stylist, it is the combination of style and grace that have kept me as a client over the years. You always have a kind and uplifting word and your walk with God is awesome. You created an environment of comfort and beauty-your spirit touches those around you and a visit to your salon was like a visit with friends. There were days when I was down, but a visit to your salon made me feel good both inside and out. When my mother, grandmother or friends would visit, you always found a way to fit them into your schedule, and they would leave looking beautiful and with smiles on their faces. Especially when my mom became ill, you found a way to work her in, quickly so she wouldn't have to wait, and you fed her spirit all at the same time. I believe I was most touched after she passed and you called to bring my family dinner at our darkest hour-thank you. You are so much more than a stylist; you are a friend and constant source of support! Thank you for over 14 years of fantastic service and some of the best haircuts I have had in my life! I am Blessed to be a part of your world.
Deirdre Cobb-Roberts
I have been serviced by Eleth since 2010. She is truly a professional and skilled in her craft. I have watched Eleth as she operates in an anointing to create styles never rushing, but making sure every strand is in place. Whether you are her first customer or her last customer, you leave satisfied with her level of service. I thank God for ordering my steps and directing me to this Blessed Woman of God!
Kassandra Crawford
I have been a client of Eleth for over 15 years. Eleth is a well-rounded beautiful person inside and out. She loves the Lord and it shows in everything she does. She is "dynamite" with hair styles, cuts, colors or whatever your hair care needs may be. If you're looking for a great look on your wedding day, other special occasions or just want to look good, Eleth is the stylist for you. Guaranteed you will not be disappointed. Try her and see for yourself!
Leda N.
My name is Amina and I have been a customer of Ms. Eleth for the past six years. She has seen some true hair horror moments with me. From bad relaxers, weaves, and color jobs that I have done on my own. She truly has magic fingers and has brought my hair back to life. My hair is healthy, strong, and full of moisture. She has a divine gift and I'd recommend anyone to her.
Eleth has been servicing my hair care needs for 14 years. Eleth is very professional and a pleasure to be around. She always has a positive attitude and pays close attention to the hair care needs of her clientele. I am a satisfied customer and will continue to refer more people. Thank you Eleth for doing such a great job with my hair!!
Chanel Delaney
Eleth has been my hair care specialist for over 10 years. When I first started with her, I had relaxer damage. I decided to leave the relaxer and go back to natural hair care. She advised me of the emotional stress that it would take me through, but I insisted this was what I wanted. She then began the process of returning my hair to its normal state. During the process, she nurtured and cared for my hair in a very professional manner and also advised of health nutrients and supplements that would aid in enhancing healthy hair. My hair is healthy and has length to it as well as fullness. I never thought I would see this again. Summed up in one sentence, "Eleth is a great hair Specialist and I would recommend her to anyone."
E. Pinder
I have known Eleth since 1997; each and every time I go to Eleth's Beauty Palace, the excellence of service is always great. I am complimented by the updos, hairstyles, cuts, and color that I have received while being serviced. I have referred a few people due to the compliments of the different styles and color that have been done with my hair. I want to thank my hair stylist for a job well done each and every time I am there.
Donna Gathers
I have been attending Eleth's for 6 years now and refuse to let anyone else touch my hair. She is absolutely the best and treats my hair as if I am the only customer she has for the day. The service there is extraordinary and the relationship that she builds between her and her clients is one of a kind. I have no complaints and no regrets. Eleth's Beauty Palace is the place to go.
Melissa G